Primary Member Coaches

Bridgette Baumgardt - Junior Coach
Phone: 715.507.0483
$18/hour $4.50/15 min
Bridgette has passed Novice Skating Skills, Pre-Bronze Singles, and Pre-Gold Dances. She enjoys both testing and competing, and has placed well in competitions across Wisconsin, as well as the State Games of America competition in Iowa. She has taught Learn to Skate since January of 2023, and is Learn to Skate Certified as well as CER Certified.
Georgi Hinzman - Junior Coach
Phone: 715.679.4797
$20/hour $5.00/15 min
Georgi has passed her Bronze Dances, Preliminary Skating Skills, Pre-Preliminary Singles. She has helped and coached many LTS classes. She has been a part of the Timberline High School Team and has skated and helped coach the synchronized figure skating team. She is Learn to Skate Certified and CER Program Certified.
Taylor Thelen - Junior Coach
Phone:  715.573.7116
$18/hour $4.50/15 min

Taylor has passed Silver Skating Skills, Pre-Bronze Singles, and one Pre-Gold Dance. She has been a helper and coach of Learn to Skate, is currently a member of the Timberline High School Team for the third year, and has attended the Shattuck-St. Mary’s International Figure Skating Camp. Learn to Skate and CER certified.


Associate Member Coaches


DanielleWolosek - Senior Coach

Phone: 715.697.3111
Email: [email protected]
$72/hour   $18/15 min

Danielle teaches all levels of Moves in the Field, Freestyle, Dance and International Dances. She has b een t eaching skaters for more than 10 years and continues to instill excellence in every skater she works with. Her true passion is coaching and enjoys sharing her love of skating with all of her students as she makes them smile while training them to be the best skaters they can be. 
Joelle Steiner - Senior Coach
Phone: 715.218.3692
$44/hour $11/15 min
Joelle is also a Head Coach with Marshfield Silver Laces and has been professionally  coachin g for over 15 years. She coaches Synchro (all levels), Marshfield Area High School Team and  th e ir P r oduction Ensemble Team. She coaches through Silver Skating skills, Silver Singles and Pre-Gold Da nce and is a professional coach/choreographer, CER program certified, Learn to Skate instructor and USFSA registered coach. Joelle was a skater for many years with Timberline and is happy to b e back here coaching. Joelle has a collegiate background in Theatre and Music with a minor in Business. Even though she works full-time at a Trust Company with Retirement Plans, coaching skating has alw ays been her fun job and creative outlet.
Montana Grabowsky - Senior Coach
Phone:  715.216.5611
Email: [email protected]
$60/hour $15/15 min
Teaches all levels of Skating Skills, Singles, Dance and International Dances. Montana has been coaching since 2016. She finds immense joy in sharing her love of skating and helping aspiring skaters to excel and achieve their goals. Montana currently coaches full-time in Wisconsin at Eagle River FSC, Merrill Ice Reflections FSC, Timberline FSC, and Valley FSC. Montana holds numerous testing achievements, including 5x USFS Gold Medalist in MIF, US & Canadian Gold Dance, Gold Free Dance, Gold Solo Free Dance, and Adult Gold Free Skate. She has also passed 9 International Dances, Intermediate Pairs, and Preliminary Figures. Montana is a graduate from UW-Stevens Point with a B.S, Double Major in Marketing and Management and Coaching Certificate. Montana's dedication to coaching and supporting her students extends beyond the ice, as she remains committed to guiding their growth and helping them achieve their fullest potential both on and off the ice.

Madison Altman-Wendt - Junior Coach

Phone: 715.216.9150

$20/hour $5.00/ 15 min
Madison has passed Pre-Silver skating skills, Bronze dances and Pre-Bronze singles.  She has coached learn to skate for 7 years and coached private lessons for 2 years. She is a USFSA registered coach, CER certified and Learn to skate certified
Brooklyn Kraegenbrink - Junior Coach
Phone: 715.218.3862
$20/hour $5.00/15 min
Brooklyn has passed her Gold Skating Skills, Bronze Singles, Pre-Gold Dances, and Bronze Pairs. She continues to skate and is working on her Gold Dances and Singles. She has competed at Badger State Games, State Games of America, Eau Claire, Tomahawk, Rhinelander, Eagle River, Fond du Lac, Black River Falls, and in Chicago at the Ladybug Classic. She also competed in the National Excel Skating Series last season. While she was in high school, she was a member of the Timberline High School Figure Skating Team.  She has two years of experience in private coaching at Timberline Figure Skating Club. Brooklyn is also attending college to major in Elementary Education.  
Korina Kraegenbrink
$18/hour or $4.50 / 15 min
Korina has passed her Silver Skating Skills, Preliminary Singles, and Silver Dances. She is a member of the Timberline High School Figure Skating Team. Korina has been a competitive  skater and competed in many skating competitions around  Wisconsin and the State Games of America in Iowa. Korina is passionate about coaching and has been a LTS instructor for both Timberline and Merrill Ice Reflections.