Figure skating is both an art and a sport. It helps develop mental and physical self-discipline, good sportsmanship, and an appreciation of music and movement. The purpose of Timberline Figure Skating Club is to provide opportunities for those interested in learning to figure skate through a structured program with strong professional instruction.


Programs Offered by Timberline

Learn to Skate:

  • Learn to Skate membership required (full club membership required for Timberline skaters in Pre-Free Skate level & higher)
  • Group lessons, skaters work toward Learn to Skate badges covering basic skating skills and freestyle elements
  • Ice time & coaching fees are packaged together

The first step in learning how to skate is joining group Learn to Skate lessons. Learn to Skate is the United States Figure Skating (USFSA) program that Timberline teaches with their coaching staff. Skaters progress through the different levels mastering new skills as they go. Each level contains a few skating elements, and when the skater is able to complete these elements they will receive a badge and move on to the next level. To learn more about the Learn to Skate program, you can visit the USFSA Learn to Skate website here.   

Private Lessons

  • Full club membership required
  • Private lessons to practice advanced skating skills
  • Skaters purchase private ice from Timberline, and pay coaching fees directly to their coach

At some point your skater will be ready to go to the next level and begin private lessons with a coach. The best way to know if your skater is ready for private lessons is to simply observe them and their level of interest! Private lessons help keep skaters enthusiastic about improving and reaching their goals, as they are tailored to the individual to work on specific skills. It is extremely important that your skater wants to take private lessons and likes their coach, so let your skater be involved in the decision!

It is up to the skater and the parent to contact a coach directly to inquire about private lessons and fees. When you hire a coach, the agreement is made between the skater, the parent, and the coach. Coach rates vary depending on their experience and levels tested. A list of coaches can be found under the coaches page here.

Once your skater starts working with a coach, competing and testing are excellent ways to challenge your skater and improve their skills. There are competitions that offer opportunities for any level of skater, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your child. Test sessions are held at various times throughout the year, and skaters may test in several categories: Moves in the Field, Free Skate, Pattern Dance or Solo Pattern Dance, Free Dance or Solo Free Dance, and Pairs. For a list of camps, test sessions, and competitions in the area click here

If you are interested in becoming a Timberline Member or you have any further questions, please contact us!